Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chrome Day 5

So I've been using Chrome for a few days now.  On day 2 I jumped deep into extensions and themes and quickly found that they just made Chrome busy and messy.  For example, I found a 49er theme.  Problem is, it installed a toolbar that I had no interest in.  I hate tool bars.  I like keeping screen space available for actual work.  I also tried Tweetdeck.  I like Tweetdeck, but once again... too busy.  I prefer using the Twitter app for MacOS.

I lasted about a day before almost all of the extensions I installed.

On a good note, I don't find myself missing Firefox.  Chrome has been fast.  My biggest complaint is that there is no drop down on address bar.  I find that I use that quite often in Firefox and not having it in Chrome sucks.  Anyone know of an extension to fix this?

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