Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Palm Pre Update

Palm just release Update 1.2.0 for the Pre. I'm excited about this release for a few reasons. One of my biggest complaints about the Pre is the inability to tap on a phone # listed in a calendar event and automatically dial it. I always have to write the # down and manually dial it. This update fixes this issue.

This list of features in webOS Update 1.2.0 copied from:
  • You can buy from Amazon MP3 over a phone network connection you don't have to do over Wi-Fi any more.
  • Credit card number storage in profile and sharing options.
  • If you buy an app you can download it again for fee.
  • Web browser bookmarks are now backed up to your Palm profile.
  • Copy and paste of web pages.
  • Car kit changes and you can make a Bluetooth connection to a computer even if the computer's Bluetooth device name field is blank.
  • More calendar view options, glitch fixes and features.
  • IIf a calendar note contains a phone number, you can tap the number to dial it
  • More send, detail, copy and direct dial features in contacts.
  • Automated LinkdedIn syncing.
  • Better email search, as well as cut/copy paste functions.
  • If playback of an audio file is paused or interrupted, when you resume playback, playback resumes at the point where it was paused. This applies to audio files for which the Genre field is defined as podcast, speech, spoken word, netcast, or audiobook only.
  • You can use music playback controls on the dashboard even if the screen is locked.
  • If the ringer switch is turned off, music playback is not interrupted by an incoming call.
  • You can now turn carrier data services on or off .
  • The Photos app can now display photos in JPG, BMP, and PNG format.
  • Sprint Navigation now pulls Google contacts from the phone, as well as Exchange and Palm profile contacts
  • The browser now supports downloading files from a web page.

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