Thursday, June 4, 2009

Windows Search = FAIL

I started this project with a fresh install of Windows XP with only SP2 on it. So one of the first thing I did was run Windows Update to make sure I was properly patched. Due to shear laziness, I didn't inspect the "Optional" updates to closely and as a result wound up with Window Search 4.0 installed on my desktop. During Day 1 and 2 it didn't cause me any problems, so I didn't worry about it. However, tonight my virtual desktop started bogging down. It would pause for a few seconds, and then start to run again. So I opened task manager to do a little investigation and there they were. Those Windows Search processes and they were killing my performance.

My problems were solved the moment I saw this:

Has anyone had any luck with Windows Search 4?


  1. Windows Search is one of the only things I choose not to download from Microsoft Update.

  2. I've never had success with Windows Search 4, and know nobody who has.