Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Upgraded View Today

I upgraded my VMware View environment today. It didn't take very long. 5 minutes to upgrade Composer on my vCenter server, 5 minutes to upgrade VDM, then 5 minutes to update the Agent in my VM.

Once this was done I started testing the flash quality and bandwidth throttling features. These are 2 very powerful features. The View Manager will allow you to set the quality of Flash media, and also throttle the amount of bandwidth it takes.

My first test was to set the flash quality to low, and set the bandwidth throttling to aggressive. I then went to VMware's website since I know they have flash content on their home page. My ThinApp'd copy of Firefox was brought it's knees. The page too forever to load, so I tried IE8. IE loaded the page with no issue. The flash quality was reduced as I expected, but not enough to make it look cheap. I did notice it was taking forever to load because of the throttling. So I increased that to moderate and the content loaded at a decent rate.

I then tried YouTube and was unable to get the content to load.

I then decided to test YouTube. YouTube's home page caused IE to stop responding. So I Googled for a video and tried to play it. No luck. So I increased the bandwidth throttling to conservative. No luck. Finally I disabled bandwidth throttling. No luck.

I'm concerned that this feature seems to help IE more than Firefox. I'm not sure if this is because I'm using a ThinApp'd version or not. I wasn't able to test this any further tonight.

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