Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So I still haven't gotten my Blackberry working with the X90 yet. Since June 10th I've used roughly 1.5 GB of of bandwidth. This includes all the time when I am at home connected to my home network. This makes me pretty comfortable with getting a new broadband wireless card. However, I think I'm gonna wait for some reviews on the new Palm Pre before I move on anything. I will be a happy man when I can use my cell phone as a modem.

While on a call with a customer today talking about VMware View the need to use local printers came up and I realized that I haven't played with ThinPrint yet. I also haven't had the chance to test printing to a local USB printer.


I'm also going to be a happy man when I can get the Wyse Flash Optimization to work without crashing IE8. Tonight while reading the View Admin guide for information on setting up ThinPrint I noticed a previously unnoticed section on Flash Quality settings. This isn't meant to optimize flash, but to reduce quality to improve performance. The reason I didn't notice this before is because it's for the latest version of View which I do not have installed in my lab yet. Maybe I can get this done quickly and test these new settings.

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