Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 - End of a long week

Sorry I didn't post this earlier, I go mountain biking on Friday nights in Angwin.

As I posted earlier, my VPN connection was blocked by another customer's firewall. I'm not really surprised by this. It just proves that I need to get my Blackberry running, however I wasn't able to do anything about that today. I had a lot to do today.

One thing I did do today was install Avamar on my virtual desktop. Avamar is a source based de-dup backup solution. Avamar will scan for new and modified files, break those files into variable length sub file segments, and then will back up only the unique segments. This means that if I open a Word document and change the work "him" to "her", only that block gets backed up, not the whole file. This means that the total amount of data that needs to be backed up is extremely small. It also means that the time it takes to do a backup is extremely short. Avamar also does global de-dup. For example, if I create a file and send a copy to 5 people, only 1 copy needs to get backed up by Avamar. When backup occurs on the other 4 systems, Avamar will identify that it has already backup that exact file, so no new backup is required.

I've started doing backups tonight. It only backed up my C drive. I need to change my backup settings, but it's getting late. It backed up and de-duped 7.3 GB of data in 22 minutes. I need to get my D drive backed up also. Will try that tomorrow.

This weekend I'm hoping to test the TCX flash optimizer. Before I do it I need to install SP3, so I want to take a snapshot in case things go wrong.

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