Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4 - Connectivity Issues

First thing this morning I received an email about the TCX Flash Optimization. The current beta is not supported on the X90 only because their hasn't been extensive testing on it, but there is no reason it won't work. I have yet to test this out though. Before I do that, I need to install XP SP 3 on my virtual desktop. Today was filled with other challenges.

The first challenge came when I got to a clients office at 1PM. They let me connect to their network and I quickly found out that their firewalls were blocking my VPN connection. They then offered me a DSL connection and I was able to connect to my corporate VPN. That's when things got strange. Although I was able to connect to the VPN, I wasn't able to access anything on my network. I couldn't RDP, SSH, or ping anything. Not sure what the issue was. Once on the VPN my packets shouldn't have been filtered by my clients firewalls (which they claimed didn't do outbound filtering anyway.)

Plan B was then to download and install my blackberry so that I could try to use that as a modem. So I downloaded the blackberry dekstop software but hit an issue. After 2 downloads, the file wasn't valid when I tried to run it. This has happened once before and I ignored it, but it seems that large file downloads choke on the X90.

So I had someone download it for me, and give it to me on a USB key. I was able to install the software, but found that the Blackberry USB Modem drivers didn't install. After a quick Google search I found instructions for manually installing the driver. However when I tried to install it I got an error stating that it couldn't find "grpconv". Google didn't turn up any info on where I could find this, nor how to work around this. Blackberry also didn't turn up any results on using their phone with XP embedded.

I really want to get this working. I'm very interested in testing USB file transfers over a slow connection.

On the upside though, I was able to host a GoToMeeting presentation from my VM this morning.

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