Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 1 Woes....

Day 1 of my Mobile VDI was interesting to say the least.

The first thing that hit me, was that I didn't have the 300MB that I was expecting. With the latest version of XP embedded, the X90 only has around 100MB of drive space. For a lot of use cases, this would be fine, but since I needed to:
  • Install Blackberry drivers so that I could use my cell phone as a modem
  • Install the Sprint SmartView software
  • Install a Cisco VPN client

The 100MB wasn't close to enough space. The Sprint Software took 75MB alone! I also had trouble getting the Blackberry software to work correctly.

When I called a friend at Wyse, that's when I found out that 100MB was all I could expect with version of XPe. He did however tell me that they just released a 2GB flash drive for the X90. They've had a lot of users like me, who found that 100MB wasn't enough to become truly mobile. My friend pulled some strings, and in the next couple of days, I should receive a 2GB flash drive.

In the meantime, I decided to keep playing with what I have. So I tried to install the Blackberry drivers with little luck. It wouldn't see my 8703e as a modem, and the Blackberry Device Manager wouldn't let me modify the configuration. Luckily, today I was at a client site that had a wireless network that I could use.

I did have some success today though. I was able to install my Cisco VPN client, access my corporate network, and access my VDI desktop through the VMware View Client.

Speaking of installing applications, that took a little bit of investigation. When you start up the X90, it automatically logs you into a "user" account with little privileges. There is also a "Write Filter" that prevents changes to the X90 being permanent. Before you install application you need to log in as Administrator and disable the Write Filter. This allows you to install applications and customize the X90 for the User account.

Tonight I'm going to try to get all of my TCX extensions working (USB, Multimedia, & Rich Sound).

So what are my impressions of the X90 overall?

The 12.1" screen isn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it's pretty nice! The screen is very bright and crisp. I have a 32bit color depth with a 1280X800 resolution.

The unit is also very light. The only real weight comes from the battery. I think it only weight 4lbs total.

Since there is no moving hard drive, there is no fan in the unit. This helps conserve battery life. The only drawback is that the hand rest seems to get a little hot.

I'll try to post an update tonight about how I'm doing with the TCX extensions.


  1. Doesn't sound too bad yet? I have an Acer that only came with 8GB, and it just killed me. I couldn't install anything, although I loved the size. I got a couple SD Cards at 16GB, and that made it all better. Now, I can carry it around with me (it's lighter than my hard backed books) and it has the USB ports and the wireless.

    I can't wait to see how the Virtual things works out. I'd love to have 1 computer, and simply log into that computer depending on where I am (laptop, desktop, upstairs, downstairs, the beach?)

    Have fun!

  2. Thanks Cheryl. So far, so good.