Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Application I couldn't Live without.

So today I realized that I was going to have a challenge. I was going to be doing an executive presentation at a client's site today. I was going to have 15 minutes to do my presentation and get out. As I was thinking about this I realized that I wasn't going to have time to find an Internet connection if there wasn't one already in place. I needed to be able to get on, do my preso, and get out.

My first thought was that if I could get my Blackberry working with the X90 this wouldn't be a problem, but once I thought about it I realized that even if the Blackberry worked, I might not have a signal. That's when I realized that I needed Powerpoint ready to run, right on the X90.

My first choice was to use ThinApp and make a portable version that I could keep in a USB key. So I ThinApp'd Powerpoint, but think I did something wrong. I didn't want Powerpoint to be too large, so I selected ONLY Powerpoint during the MS Office install. No Word, Excel, or even "Shared Tools". After I finished ThinApp-ing Powerpoint I tested it to find that there were no spaces between the letters on the slides. The letters were just stacked on top of each other. Maybe someone else has seen this?

By then I was running out of time, so I installed the Powerpoint Viewer directly on the X90. This wasn't what I had wanted to do, but it worked perfectly, and for many organizations this might be better choice. Powerpoint Viewer is only good for doing the presentation, but you can't modify the presentation. This means you can do your preso, but have to do your "work" on your virtual desktop.

Either way, everything worked. The presentation looked perfect.

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