Monday, June 29, 2009

Almost a week

It's hard to believe it's been almost a week since I've blogged last. I also can't believe it's been 29 days since I started this. It went pretty fast.

Not a lot has changed in the last week. Installing GoToMeeting on the X90 was the fix I needed. Once I did that, I've done a few GoToMeeting sessions since then. It would be nice to have this inside my virtual desktop, but I can live with the way things are now. In an enterprise deployment, GoToMeeting could be pushed to the clients.

Over the past week I also tested using iTunes to sync music on my iPod. I have a very large mp3 collection, so I didn't test my whole collection. I recently got my hands on some early Elvis Costello albums and wanted to add those to my iPod. Everything worked. No problems. I was on my home wireless when I did the test. It took longer than if I had used my laptop, but that's to be expected.

What about listening to mp3s? I tested this, I even went so far as to test listening to Pandora Radio. It worked in some situations. While at home there was a noticeable pause to the music when I changed windows. The pause is about a 1 second pause. This is because RDP needs to push a lot of new screen data to refresh the screen. When I'm at the office and not over the WAN this isn't an issue. If I were using a broadband wireless card this would eat away at my data plan. At times like right now, while I'm using a single Firefox window to write this blog post, Pandora works GREAT. If I were switching windows a lot, I would just grab my iPod.

Tomorrow is the final day of this experiment. I'm going to be sure to blog tomorrow night with my "final thoughts".

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