Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wyse X90

I've talked a lot about the Wyse X90, and Thin Client Laptops, but what are they really? As I've previously posted, think of the Wyse X90 as a laptop without the ability to install applications of store data on them. Technically, you can install applications on the X90, but there is only around 300MB of space available so you can't really install much on it. The space is mostly provided for things that IT will need you to have to access your applications and data. An example of this might be a VPN client.

What about the other specs of the X90? It has an X86 based VIA 1.2 GHz CPU. It also has 512MB of RAM. The internal hard drive is a 512MB flash drive. It also has all the other usual options you'd expect like 3 USB slots and an external VGA port. The biggest downside is that it only has a 12.1" screen. Wyse also make a X90L that has more RAM and a larger screen. The smaller screen uses less power and makes the X90 smaller, lighter and more portable.

I'm actually getting excited to open up the box and try it out. So far the box stays unopened waiting for June 1st.

You read more about the X90 here:

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