Monday, May 18, 2009

What will I be giving up?

To understand what mobile VDI is, and why this is going to be a challenge I thought I should first explain how my current laptop is set up and what it is I do for work.

My current laptop is a Lenovo T500 with:
  • Intel Core Duo CPU
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 320 GB SATA Drive
  • ATI 3650 Video Card
I'm a long time Linux geek, so I don't have Windows installed. Instead I have Fedora 10 installed. (For the geeks out there, I was able to get Compiz working on my ATI card.) I also have CrossOver Office and VMware Workstation installed. CrossOver Office lets me run a lot of Windows Applications like Word, Excel, and Visio directly on Linux. VMware Workstation allows me to run multiple VM's on my laptop. Currently I have 2 XP VM's that I run from time to time.

On my laptop I also have lots of data. My password database, customer documents, presentations, white papers that I'm writing, my iTunes library (and mp3s). I need to figure out how to make do without them, or how to make them accessible to me during these 30 days. Just putting them on a USB drive isn't gonna cut it. I that drive is at home and I'm on the road and need something, I'm outta luck. Also, the rules state, that I can't carry all my data with me. One of the benefits of mobile VDI is that I don't have to worry about lost or destroyed data. I need to make my data available to me from anywhere.

So if this is how things are now, how is mobile VDI gonna be different? When I have some more time, I'm going to post about what I will be using and how it's very different than what I use today.

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