Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mobile VDI Options

There are a few ways I can potentially access my virtual desktop from my Wyse X90. The first will be to remotely connect into it. To do this I'm going need a decent Internet connection. The second will be using VMware's "Offline VDI" option. This will allow me to 'download' the VM to my X90 and run it there when I know I'm not going to have an Internet connection. This option is currently not supported by Wyse so I'm not sure how successful this option will be. The third will be to to use a combination of remote connectivity, and whatever I can run directly from the X90 itself.

With the limited disk space on the X90 I'm not going to be able to install very much on it. So I'm planning on leveraging VMware's ThinApp software to allow me to package my applications so that I can use them when I need. ThinApp allow me to take many applications that I would normally install on my computer and package them into a single file that I can run anywhere. This means I can package an application, place it on a USB thumb drive and run it from any laptop or desktop computer without installing it. It also means, when I'm done using that application, I can unplug the USB drive and the computer I was using is unchanged by what I've done.

You can try ThinApp by going to:

At you'll find a lot of free programs pre-packaged to use. Once again, no need to install anything.

You can learn more about ThinApp here:

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