Thursday, May 21, 2009

Expected Challenges

So what do I think my first challenges will be?

  1. Getting VMware's Offline VDI feature to work. As I've said, there isn't a lot of local storage on the Thin Client Laptop and "Offline VDI" is not supported. I'll be very interested to see if this will work.
  2. Getting remote access setup. I'll be using my cell phone as a modem when I don't have access to a wireless or wired network. This might be slow in spots, especially if I have to use my VPN client.
  3. Getting ThinApp applications to work. Theoretically this should be an easy one.
  4. Getting used to a 12.1" screen. I currently have a 15.4" screen.
  5. Not having Linux as my primary OS. I'll get over this, I just with I could have gotten an X50. It's the same hardware as the X90 but it has a Linux OS.
  6. Getting all of my data off of my laptop. OK, so that's not so much a challenge. It's just gonna be a pain.

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