Friday, May 22, 2009

Data, Data, Data....

Not sure about everyone else, but today has been extremely busy. It's Friday and we are heading into a 3 day weekend. Everyone wants things done before they try to take off early. From server configs, to RAID layouts, to UPS power requirements I've been busy all day.

In the process of doing all this I've been thinking about the number of files I've created and/or modified today and how my Mobile VDI experiment is going to effect my ability to do all this. I know it can be done, but finding the easiest way to do it will be the challenge.

As a "geek" I don't mind technology being a little more challenging than most average users. I can tolerate a few extra steps, even those that require a little more brain power. However, for this experiment to be successful I'm going to have to keep the complexity to a minimum. If Mobile VDI is difficult, nobody is going to want it. I've got to keep it simple.

Yeah, I think this is going to be a challenge.

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